Apr 4, 2007

p"ARRRRGH"ty attempt #2

now that Logan has recouped from his cooties we rescheduled his pirate bolwing birthday party. Needless to say that meant that I had to make new invites. I was going to just send out a notice but Logan did not want that! He wanted to help me make the new invites.

So....I let him point to where he wanted things stamps but then he decided he wanted to do some...so he did.

This set is so cool. I hope we can do pirate themed things for all occasions this year. Shawn already is on the lookout for a pirate girl costume for me....yeah, same thought I had...HECK NO!

Just what you wanted, a visual of me in an outfit that Kiera Knightly wore...you will never look at pirates the same way & I bet you'll now skip seeing Pirates of The Carribean III, arrr arr arrr!!!


Shelly said...

The invites came out great!

Rita Kegg said...

Love those invites!! Tell Logan he did a wonderful job!!! No ... I did not like the image of you as a pirate with sweet potatoes!! Blessings

Me said...

From now on, I shall call you Kira.

So I so, so it shall be.