Feb 20, 2007

I scrapped!!!

I have been in a wee bit of a scrapbooking funk for ahile now and thought that I wouldn't find my mojo again.

Along comes Shawn...sure, he is a good guy, sure he is pretty darn good looking, sure we have a ton of stories we could share but what he did this weekend was the bestest thing ever, well, except for Logan that is :)

This weekend Shawn came home with a big brown box. He told me to sit down and to brace myself. I did. Then he opened the box...what appeared before my eyes was one of the greatest sights, my very own CRICUT machine!

What makes this even better is that I did not even ask for it. Well, ok, I have drooled over it every time we went by the display at Wal-Mart, but other than that, nothing has ever been said.

Oh yeah... another thing, he also gave me 3...yeppers, that was a three, cartridges!

Whatta man! He is def. out of the dog house for Christmas now!


mamichelle said...

Wow, that's a great lo, Awna! Can't wait to see your cards from the weekend!

Jennifer said...

You are certainly a lucky lady. What a great surprise. Can not wait to see what you create.